Product Testing at

Rough Stuff

Here at Rough Stuff, we call it how it is,

and that is why our paddles are the

toughest production paddle in the world,

and here are some of the crazy stunts we'll do just to prove it to you.

Ape. Click picture for video fragment, 555KB!!

Bar Test

 "85Kg Ape Test for Old School T Bird waterfall paddlers"

Durable Glassfibre shaft will insulate your arms from impact shocks.

Driving Test

"Range Rover on the Rough Stuff"

Our Paddle Blades can withstand amazing abuse, here we pressure test our blades to 2.5 tonnes.

Drive. Click picture for video fragment, 1.2MB!!
Wood Chop. Click picture for video fragment, 1.76MB!!

Wood Chopping Test

"Forget your axe, no problem"

Our high temperature and pressure Pre-preg molding process means that our blades can withstand numerous high impact edge loads without delaminating.

Javlin test

 ...and finally

Frustrated by it's near seemingly unbreakable nature, Rough Stuff founder Mark Downey launches the test pilot for one last attempt to break the paddle. Defiant the paddle stood up to all this abuse and is still standing in the show room for further testing.   

Javlin. Click picture for video fragment, 1.4MB!!


Although we are very proud of what our paddles can with stand, we would recommend that you simply use yours for paddling, so it is with you through all the gnarl and maelstrom of whitewater and, not for car park antics.