Hi, welcome to my new website,

Rough Stuff Kayak Paddles

Glenside Industrial Estate

Mill Lane


Dublin 20


T +353 1 626 4363

F +353 1 626 4876

M +353 87 259 6012

E mark@roughstuff.ie

I hope that  you will come and visit more than once and that you will use the site as  a point of reference. I have included lots of information that will help you better understand paddle design and construction.

I have tried real hard to keep the terminology as simple as possible so that most people without a technical background will understand what I am talking about.

If you are a kayaker, then you NEED one of my paddles. If your local store has not got them then kick his ass, stop messing about and order one direct from me, here on this site.

I promise to make YOUR paddle to exactly your specifications and UPS it to you, anywhere in the world within TWO DAYS at no extra cost than the normal retail price. Some times it takes a tiny bit longer if I am real busy, but I will tell you if I am.

So, get your Visa card out, and mail me your order!

Mark Downey

Our Mission

It is our mission to make the lightest, strongest paddles, using the most tecnicaly avanced materials available, to allow you the paddler not to notice them or worry about them whilst pushing the limits of what you can do in your kayak.

Company Profile

We are around  for ages, and we are realy good at making kick ass paddles