Simon Westgarth looking for the next move

Here at Rough Stuff we believe in giving you all the possible choices you can get with our product, so in addition to providing you with 4 different white water paddle blade shapes, 3 different material constructions on 2 different paddle shaft options all for a reasonable price, we can also offer these following custom options too.

Gold Card Service logo

For just 150% of the retail price you will get an insurance policy not offered by any other paddle manufacturer, one free replica replacement to anywhere in the world delivered by UPS within 2 working days, guaranteed.  Who else would be that confident in their product they could offer that service.

Internal Leash System Logo

An additional extra for any paddle option.  If your shaft should fail whilst in the middle of the white water action, our Internal Leash System of Kevlar ribbon will hold the split parts of your paddle together, allowing you to salvage the blades to be placed on to a new shaft.  We will REPLACE the broken part for FREE on return to HQ. This option avoids the cost of having to purchase a new set of paddles.

80% Blade option Logo

Wishing too tailor to all paddler's needs, we offer all our different blade shape choices with 80% blade area paddles.  This option is aimed at both less powerful paddlers and those wishing to get a higher stroke acceleration rate without sacrificing reach, seen as an advantage for ocean surfing and freestyle wave moves.

Adjustable Joint logo

A special universal adapter to fully utilise your paddle with unlimited feather angle and control hand options, in addition to up to 10cms of length adjustment.

Future Developments

The full nature of our unique process and product assemble means that we can basically do almost any given custom option in addition to any we have outlined above.  If you require a specific custom concept or simply have a new idea as to how you wish to have your paddle contact us and we will fully attempt to actualise your wishes.